What Zest Academy is – and how I want to help with autistic burnout

When I was diagnosed as autistic with ADHD in 2020, I decided that I wanted to do something useful with my skills and special interests to support other autistic and/or ADHD adults like me. 

I am an ILM trained coach, an education programme developer, and a researcher – and now I’m studying for a diploma in positive psychology coaching. I want these skills to be put to good use.

Becci is wearing a flat cap and black t shirt and she is cuddling her white dog Mossy

Zest Academy is there for any autistic/ADHD adult who needs free self-coaching materials or affordable coaching programmes. The main aim is to help people to stay well, avoid burnout, and achieve their goals. 

Every person is different. Some people find coaching useful and some people don’t. Some people need more help with their motivation and mental health than others. That’s ok. Zest Academy is there for neurodivergent adults who would like coaching support. There will always be a level of free support/resources on offer.

I’ve experienced several debilitating episodes of autistic burnout over the last few years. I want to look into how we can protect ourselves from burnout but recover if it does happen. I’m well on the way to a practical, research-backed solution based on my lived experience and my academic research.

A part of a coaching worksheet explaining how to reduce stress
A sample of a self-coaching worksheet

Over the coming months, a bank of self-coaching materials and worksheets will appear on the website. However, I am keen to speak to any autistic adults who think they are at risk of approaching burnout. This is to see if there’s anything I can do to help and maybe to beta-test an online coaching programme for burnout. At this time, there is no charge.

If you’re worried about autistic burnout, please get in touch. I would be very willing to listen to you talk about your experiences and work with you to find out what would help with your autistic burnout.

In any case, I’m really excited to see what Zest Academy can offer. 

Thanks for taking the time to find more about what Zest Academy is about. 

Have a good one! Becci