Introducing Zest Academy – and me!

Introducing Zest Academy (and me – Becci)

Hi! Welcome to Zest Academy. My name is Becci. I am a trained coach and researcher in positive psychology. I’m currently studying to be a positive psychology coaching practitioner. I live in West Yorkshire and have three cats and two dogs.

This picture shows Becci wearing a blue raincoat and blue woolly hat. She is smiling broadly.

I was born in 1983 but was only diagnosed as Autistic/ADHD in 2020. I only got my diagnoses following multiple episodes of anxiety, depression and what I now know to be autistic burnout.

Two years before my diagnosis, I suffered a massive burnout. It really affected my mental and physical health. My confidence was rock bottom. I felt so low and had no interest in anything. However, to get my life back on track, I researched and found things that helped me feel better again. In helping myself, I came across Positive Psychology and began exploring how ZEST and ENTHUSIASM (among other things) help autistic adults “live the good life”.

The aim of this blog and this site is to offer help, support and encouragement to autistic adults who would like to increase their zest, feel confident, and avoid burnout. I know how insidious and debilitating autistic burnout can be and want to help others who are experiencing, or who are at risk of experiencing, these horrible conditions.

Being a positive psychologist, however, this project is actually about going beyond just feeling “ok again”…it’s about exceeding that recovery/well-being baseline that traditional psychology aims for. I want to find out how we can live fulfilling lives and flourish…which is all EVERYONE deserves, I think.

Anyway – hello. It’s really nice to meet you. I’m looking forward to writing for you.

Greetings from Todmorden, West Yorkshire.    – Becci

The photo is taken looking through the arch of a bridge. There is blue sky with clouds, and a shallow river running under the bridge.