My name is Dr Rebecca Jackson but please call me Becci. I am a trained coach and hold a PhD in linguistics, and I am currently training as a positive psychology coaching practitioner. I live in West Yorkshire with my partner and animals. I love studying, cooking, walking, and travelling. 

In 2020, I was diagnosed as autistic. I also have hyperactive-impulsive ADHD. No/late diagnosis meant I experienced several episodes of severe burnout, anxiety and depression in my adult life. I have set up this blog to help other neurodivergent adults keep themselves as well as possible and offer support and encouragement.

About Zest and Zest Academy

Zest is a term from positive psychology research. It means having mental and physical well-being and energy. Zest is a state of aliveness and enthusiasm. It is the opposite of burnout. 

Zest Academy is a place where neurodivergent adults can discover how to cultivate calm, boost well-being, avoid stress and burnout, and develop their zest. 

About My Research

I used to study (and teach) how and why people communicate in the way that they do. Now I am interested in how and why people feel burned out and what they can do to feel ZEST instead.

My current positive psychology research programme is about

  • Building coaching interventions to help neurodivergent adults feel calm and well
  • Discovering which activities and behaviours help people to recover from and avoid burnout
  • Exploring the conditions needed for neurodivergent people to flourish
  • Looking at the role of enthusiasm and ‘special’ interest in the flourishing of autistic adults