21 days of yoga to create POSITIVE EMOTIONS – accountability post!

Short read: 2-3 minutes

Malala, a brown tabby cat, is lying on a cork yoga mat.

This morning, I sat down with some coffee and my laptop to take some questionnaires.

The questionnaires were for getting a baseline measurement of my mood and levels of positivity. 

I’m doing a self-study for my positive psychology diploma – to see how I can create more positive feelings.

To do that, I obviously need to take a measure of where I am so I can see if my intervention works.

I totted up the scores, across several surveys…

Not for the first time in my life, my scores show that I’m moderately to severely depressed and that I also currently have moderate levels of anxiety. 

And not for the first time in my life, I’ve only realised this BECAUSE I took some surveys…

…Thanks to alexithymia, I don’t often readily know how I feel or why I feel it. Sometimes I’m not aware of mental health challenges until they’re already underway. 

Of course, every cloud has a silver lining.

That silver lining is that I’ve got a nice, clear low point to start my study from. Things can only get better!

So what am I doing? 

I am running a 21 day yoga project on myself. This is to help me regulate my mood and energy levels in order to experience more positive emotions.

Every morning, I’ll get up and ask myself if I feel under-aroused, just right, or over-aroused.

Using one of three yoga routines that my teacher has specially prepared for me, I can move from the state I am in to the state I need to be in.

For example, if I wake up and I’m under-aroused but I need to be motivated and energised for work, I do the routine that gives me a boost.

If I wake up and I’m frantic and panicky, I choose a routine that calms me down. 

If I’m feeling calm and in flow, I do a routine to keep me that way.

You get the idea.

All I have to do is commit to a quick check-in with myself at 6.15am every morning…and 15 minutes of yoga…for 21 days.

Oh, and I have to record my mood scores and a journal for a few lines about how I feel to give me some data to analyse.

Hopefully, at the end of the 21 days, I’ll have experienced a lot more positive emotions by developing a daily yoga practice to regulate my mood and energy levels.

The aim is to use what I learn to develop research-based coaching to help adults with ADHD/autism to feel better by regulating themselves.

I’m writing and sharing this blog post to create ACCOUNTABILITY so that this study gets DONE. The work is important.

Whenever I’ve made positive changes before in my life and whenever I’ve recovered from depressive episodes in the past, I’ve done so by telling people what I am doing.

Accountability means I am going to follow through on my promises to myself. That’s why I’ve got to write this post.

Follow my updates if you’re interested in whether this works or not…who knows…it could even help you!

Thank you for very much for reading. If you’d like to support my studies and the development of coaching support for autistic/ADHD adults, I’d appreciate you buying me a “kofi”.

All best wishes (and wish me luck!)